The Avenue Nursery Petersfield
The Avenue Vision:   'Playfully creating the foundations of learning'
vision inspired by Julie Fisher, Early Years Advisor and Author 

Our Mission

   We are:
  • passionate about promoting great British values; and engaging, observing, and communicating what we do
  • delivering outstanding care and education which exceeds expectations
  • giving children daily opportunities to play, explore, learn, create, and be inspired by their environment 
  • offering parents flexibility, and promoting guidance and information exchange through daily handovers; and encouraging opportunity to become involved in the Nursery activities
  • providing educational resources that enable us to deliver the high quality support for children's care and learning
  • respecting and supporting the efforts, achievements, qualifications and aspirations of our team members
  • a safe and healthy community enabling every individual to be happy and flourish

Our Objectives

To provide:
T    a team that is experienced and that works, learns and reflects together
H   a homely, secure and safe environment
E    exemplary early years education through creative child-led and adult-led experiences
A   active teaching and learning 
V    great British values - to value all people, and value learning
E    extended experiences to explore and find things out 
N   a nurturing environment
U   for every unique child, a customized plan to help them achieve their learning and developmental potential
E    effective practices which build children's resilience, perseverance, capabilities and confidence


"It's so nice to be here in such a lovely village, and have access to the countryside and also a great hall and garden with space for so many different activities and resources."​ ​ 
- Karen, Supervisor at The Avenue Pre-school at Steep